The Company Troïka Global Invest (TGI) was created in 1997 in France. With our financial partners, we have made since 2006 many international projects worldwide, mainly in Africa (Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Gambia, Guinea, and Gabon). Our stability and seriousness make our group a reliable partner. Our core business is linking business with outsourcers such as governments. We specialize in the fields of construction, energy (gas, oil, photovoltaic, wind, biofuels), food (rice, pasta, cassava, wine) and finance. We proceed to these sectors in the following steps :
• The study of proposals from requesting countries or companies ;
• Assessing the feasibility and justification of investments ;
• Project management (preparation of documents) ;
• Projects development ;
• Contracts signature.
TGI acts as arranger and security agent on behalf of foreign financial partners. We are subject to the TRACFIN Charter and our funds are traceable, identifiable. Based on the process SKR (Safe Keeping Receipt) we contracted before a notary through collateral agreements conventional assets, State’s Government that we instrumentalize and monetize for a fundraiser.
In 2015, TGI decided to create a subsidiary 100% owned Apogee Financial Partners Ltd; with accreditations loan company to establish loan agreements with each of the developers who brought the collateral necessary for the provision of funds.
TGI acting as guarantor of its subsidiary as accredited lender. Since last November, TGI has structurated 3.581 billion euro of SKR and funding projects in Africa and more than 300 million euro in Europe. TGI has a commitment capacity of 10 billion euro per year.