Troïka Global Invest does not operate as a bank but as agent of safeties for the banking institutions which TGI is also agent. Troika in return receives funds and makes them available to its customers.

Troïka Global Invest offers a portfolio of construction contracts in the world with state gurantee :
• houses, social housing estates,
• business centers, shopping and entertainment centers,
• roads, ports top deep, airports,
• means of public transportation.

Troïka Global Invest offers a portfolio of energy contracts in Africa with State garantee :
• In photovoltaics (Power of a town with electricity and lighting).
• Hydro (dam construction).
• Biofuels: our privileged agreements with the States allow you to acquire land in Africa, have agricultural labor, and seeds of Jatropha Curcas with our partners (from wild Jatropha to JMAX).
• Thanks to our partners, we provide Oil, gas, D2, Jet 54.

Troïka Global Invest offers you a portfolio of contracts to make you acquire gold mines, iron, manganese, diamonds…

Troïka Global Invest, thanks to its agreements with African governments, allows you to acquire rice fields and farmland in Africa with secured and state protection, and agricultural labor from 10.000 to 100.000 hectares.

Thanks to agreements with our partners, Troïka Global Invest distributes food products accross the world: pasta, semolina, wine, champagne.

Through our relationships with international financial partners, we are implementing investment consortiums for the realization of your projects with state guarantee or bank guarantee.